Self care September!

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Self care September!

For this months blog, we are chatting about the importance of self-care. More often than not, when self-care is mentioned in or out of the clinic room, it is met with an eye roll and an expression of a busy lifestyle and lack of time. But what we neglect to consider is that self-care is not selfish, but essential. If we don’t replenish what life takes out, we are the high risk of burn out, resulting in low mood, anxiety, stress, IBS, the list goes on.

Stress that's left unchecked can contribute to many health problems, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. Stress can also have a direct effect on digestion, often leading to IBS.

So for the month of September, why don’t we replenish what stress takes out?

Do you accept the challenge?

To complete the challenge, choose one point from the list below to do each day. Some are longer or shorter than others to ensure they can be completed each day.

1.    Meditate for 5-10 Minutes a Day via headspace app (found on android or apple store)

2.    Write down 3 things you're grateful for

3.    Sit down at the table for breakfast every morning

4.    Read something you enjoy (not off a screen) for 15 minutes before bed each night

5.    Write down on a post it, one thing each day you love about yourself and stick it to your bathroom mirror.

6.    Watch 30 minutes of that show you've been meaning to catch up on

7.    Cook a meal for yourself each day

8.    Take a short walk somewhere peaceful, without headphones.

9.    Spend 15 minutes each day organizing a space in your home

10.  Have a nice bubble bath

11. Go on a short bike ride

12. Drink half your body weight in oz of water throughout the day

13. Complete one random acts of kindness

14. Eat an apple/banana/orange/piece of fruit each day

15. Complete a Crossword or Sudoku Puzzle

16. Say something nice to yourself in the mirror in the morning

17. Watch How To Videos on something you've always wanted to learn (check YouTube)

18. 15 minutes of listening to your favorite music

19. Sitting in nature

20. Cuddling with a pet

21. Text a friend and let them know why they matter to you

22. Watch funny YouTube videos

23. Skype a friend or family member (even for a few minutes)

24. Watch sunset or sunrise

25. Take a photo of something that makes you happy

26. Write down one thing each day that made you laugh

27. Spend 10 minutes drawing or doodling -- even if you think you "can't"

28. Write down a quote or something powerful you heard and stick it up in your house

29. Write yourself an encouraging note for the next day

30. Donate one thing from your home every day for a month

31. Spend time coloring- mindfulness colouring books for adults are a great activity

32. Work on an art project (if youre not arty, an adult paint by numbers can be helpful)

33. Watch a TED talk

34. Try yoga

35. Learn a new word

36. Eat meals without your phone or TV

37. Write a Thank You note/card

38. Take a walk without your phone

39. Go to the local pool

40. Drink green tea

41. Walk 10,000 steps

42. Take 10 deep breaths in and out in the morning and before bed

43. Bake something (bring the leftovers to work or give to someone in need)

44. Write down something you did each day that made you feel proud

45. Keep a list of what you accomplished each day

46. Start a bullet journal  

47. Drive somewhere new

48. Have a cup of coffee (or tea) with a book or newspaper in a coffee shop

49. Visit the library

50. Turn off all electronics after 7pm

51. Write down negative thoughts and cross them out

52. Set a bedtime and stick to it

53. Look in the mirror and say out loud what you love about your appearance

Remember self-care is not selfish, but essential!

Have fun!

Jessica Leigh