Review H

It took a lot of courage to admit I had a problem. I was suffering from panic attacks for over two years, to the point where I had accepted them as normality. I found it difficult to leave the house, go to work, spend time with my family and give my partner the experiences I had promised her. 

As a man, I know it can be difficult to admit weakness. But by contacting Jessica and explaining my problems I realize I had shown a lot of courage. 

She put in place a plan based around my needs and was a constant, reassuring contact through my battle with anxiety. 

I would highly recommend to anyone suffering with anxiety, in any form, to contact Jessica and take the first steps to healing and growing. 

I'm now capable of much more than I had accepted just a few months ago. I have my life back, and this is due to admitting I had a weakness and speaking to a caring professional about it. 

My family, friends and I thank Jessica from the bottom of our hearts. "

Review F

"12 sessions and I’ve been taught how to be my own therapist. Jessica provides a hands on approach that means you wont be in the same place you were at the beginning. I’ve been taught what to do when I have a panic attack, how to lift myself when my mood is low and how and why I was there in the first place. I now book in with Jessica for booster session once every 3 months for relapse prevention."

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Review E

"Visiting Jessica Leigh CBT was the best decision I ever made. Although a hard decision to actually make the phone call, Jessica is incredibly easy to talk to and you feel like you've known her a long time. I was struggling with horrific anxiety to the point where I couldn't leave my house, but that has been rectified and now I am, once again, a happy adult who partakes in everything without dread or anxiety. 

Thank you, Jessica Leigh CBT!"

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Review D

"Jessica has gone above and beyond to help me. She really makes you feel at home, not embarrassed or judged. I could barely lift my head off the pillow, as I was so depressed. Jessica Leigh CBT has taught me skills to address these depressive symptoms and I am finally living a fully functional life. Thank you!"

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Review C

"It is bloody nerve wracking going into therapy. You feel like something is wrong with you or you're going to be judged. Jessica provides a lovely environment which I actually enjoyed (and looked forward to) going into each week. She worked with my limited budget to allow me to address my phobias and I am a happier person for it!"

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