What to Expect

What will happen in the first session?

We completely understand that coming to your first session is anxiety provoking, but at Jessica Leigh CBT, we implore a relaxed atmosphere, where its okay not to be okay.

At the beginning of each session, we will set a collaborative agenda together. This allows you to discuss the problems you want help in solving. In the initial session there is an open discussion to allow you the opportunity to discuss what you feel has brought you to therapy. We will then move to discuss your past experiences, how CBT can help, and concluding in setting goals for therapy. Our main focus is that you leave informed and hopeful. For more information, please click here

How long will sessions and therapy last? 

The initial assessment session will last up to 1 hour and 30 minutes and subsequent sessions will last for 60 minutes.  I offer weekly appointments, but as therapy progresses appointments can be reduced.

To book your first session or for more information please contact us here.